Explorable bit of a magic-realist story cut wonderfully out of context.

Use arrow keys to control TK. Interact with white objects by walking into them. There's a total of five endings and maybe something else.

Made for the Bitsy Jam with the theme of «Radio Silence», using the Bitsy editor developed by @adamledoux! It's also the first game I ever finished and published! I hope you find it enjoyable. If you did, come say hi to me on Twitter @mailsprower1!

Stay tuned, and don't forget about hydration.

Release date May 30, 2017
AuthorJerry Vishnevsky
Made withBitsy
Tags1-bit, Bitsy, bitsy-jam, dandelions, Exploration, Multiple Endings, radio-silence, Robots, water
Average sessionA few minutes


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nice game! the world is rather interesting... i only found 3 of the endings though..

Thank you!.. The exploration side was my focus — I'm happy to hear you found it interesting. One of the five endings is incredibly obscure and can only be found through glitch abuse... The others are more accessible!